How to take care of your leather jacket?

Leather jackets are like one of the most treasured fashion garment for all. They complement the bearer with great sleek and stylized look, boosting up his or her overall personality. A simple leather jacket can give you a bold and glamorous look. Thus you’ll have to keep certain things in mind while taking care of your leather jackets. Here is a detailed writing on how you can clean your leather jackets and maintain their look and feel.

Read the cleaning instructions tag

First and foremost, thing you should do after buying a leather jacket is reading the tag attached to it having instructions on its maintenance. Almost all leather jackets for women and men come with a tag from the makers describing how to clean them. Always remember, leather comes in multiple varieties. So not all of them can be taken care of, following the general rules.Thus you need to follow the specific instructions provided on the tag or label as much as possible. Follow the leather jacket’s label for care instructions thoroughly. Every women leather jackets are different, so make sure you don’t use cleaners or solutions that will damage the fabric.

Make the leather waterproof

You can make the leather of your women leather jackets water resistant with a waterproof sealant spray. There are aerosol sprays available in the market which works as a resisting shield against both water and stains. These sprays don’t have any color or pungent smell, and are made exclusively for leather. There is also some silicone oil,silicone polymer spray, or an acrylic copolymer spray, that can help you in preserving your leather’s look and shine. You may also find some grease or wax-based products for the same purpose which might be more protective, but not recommended for leather jackets for women and men; as it is these might have side effects on the quality of the leather.

Always hang you jackets in wardrobe and don’t fold

Never keep your leather jacket in closet in a folded manner, rather always hang your jacket so that its original shape isn’t hampered. Doing this also spare your jacket from wrinkles, and use hangers which are wide and padded. Maintain a bit of distance in between your jacket and other clothing so that your jacket can stay dry.Make sure that the closet where you are keeping your jackets, are well ventilated. You may also use a garment bag made of nylon, and not plastic.

Do not use electrical heating devices on your leather jackets

Never ever use electrical heating devices to dry up your jackets. In case your jacket is wet, try drying it up naturally in open air, under a shade; or in your room with a fan on nearby. Do not think of using a blow dryer or other kind of high-powered heating equipment which will eventually damage your jacket. Pat the wet area dry, with a soft and clean towel and then leave it on a hanger.

Apart from men’s and kids’, leather jackets for women in India come in great varieties. Get your set of leather jackets for women in India online by referring the various e-commerce websites.


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